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add a little hygge

to your life

So I have learned something new: Hygge (pronounced hue-gah). I have read a few articles on this Danish term, and I believe I have a good idea of what it means. Basically it is a feeling of being comfortable, relaxed, and happy. When I think of this, I think coffee, candles and big fuzzy blankets. Of course, most people like to channel hygge in the winter when the warmth and coziness is necessary. I was a little confused, however, in what context to use hygge. Is it a noun, a verb, or an adjective? Turns out it can be all three. I have also read that hygge is taking in all the little moments and things life has to offer and cherishing them, something I try to do everyday in my everyday life already. 

I highly recommend looking more into hygge. I feel that happiness and relaxation go hand in hand. Curling up into a ball with a big cozy blanket with a good book and some coffee or tea is the icing on the cake.